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29 Oct
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This little bat got croup the other night & the next night Abe followed suit.  I am new to this croup / asthma territory & it has sent me through 2 rolls of tums.  Top it off with a broken sewer pipe for 2 days that made our house smell like you know what.  The most shining moments of my life will not include the past 48 hours.  It was ugly , the mom I said I would never be kind of ugly.
If you haven’t had to deal with croup in you kids before, thank your lucky stars.  The nights usually go something like this 1:00 am, bark bark bark- Is that a dog?? No it is your child’s throat closing in.  You rush in to hear the bark & the strider shallow breathing.  Then its only natural to argue with your spouse, & run around like a chicken with your head cut off.  Should we go to the ER?  No take her outside first, okay. Outside she’s cold get a blanket- back outside, back inside time for a popsicle, get ice water!!  Back outside, should we go to the ER? Are her lips blue??  If we can wait it out with home remedies that will save us $300 bucks. Okay lets wait…… unless her lips turn blue.
FYI: Croup is a reaction to a virus, some kids get it some don’t.  So the same virus in one kid may just be a cold while in another it can cause croup, kids with asthma seem to be more likely to get it.
If your wondering whether that brown tree in the back ground is a Halloween decoration, it’s not it’s just dead.  We use what we have around here….

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