Our First Blog

28 Feb
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I am not sure what to write, I am new to this
whole braggin, I mean blogging thing.
Just kidding, we didn’t want Esmae
and our future children to feel left out
by not posting every detail of their lives
on the Internet for all to see. I am sure
you all can’t wait to see a 10 minute
video of Esmae seeing if she can actually
nibble through a whole board book page
before Mommy notices. Don’t worry I won’t
subject you all to that. Although feel free to gaze and admire
the pictures that we will post of her when she is dolled up just right or doing something absolutely hilarious (only to us of course). Ha ha, am I laying it on thick enough? Seriously it is a fun way to keep in touch with every ones busy lives & especially those that aren’t right next door, no offense King relatives!

Anyhow lets begin the show, shall we?
To start off our blog here are some pics of
Esmae’s 1st b-day, we just had a little party
because she wasn’t feeling to great & it is
at the fabulous date of Dec 27, when she
gets older maybe we will do half b-days.
Her favorite thing was the balloons
Josh brought home for her.

She also definitely loved the bear Coco got her and she dived into the chocolate honey bee cake we made for her!

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