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22 Apr
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The Big Apple….
Josh had a conference there last weekend & I tagged along. It was our first official trip away together with out kids (thanks coco!).  This city gets me every time.  It bleeds art, music, and culture.  Some highlights include burgers at the Shake Shack.

A Broadway show, I literally had chills the entire time watching Wicked.  Lucky for us my bro and his wife came to the conference so we got to hang with them too.

The Met and the MoMA were amazing.  I finally saw quite possibly my most favorite painting, in person. “Madame X” by John Singer Sargent. And let me tell it did not disappoint quite the contrary.  That black dress against that pale skin,  and the size of the piece insane. Is it really humanly possible to paint like that? At The MoMA, 2 of Giacometti’s were among my favorite. 
I came back with a renewed appreciation for the arts in all it’s forms.  A healthy rededication to painting. I’ve got a long ways to go to hit my 10,000 hour mastery level.  But for now I must remember I am a Mother first & that passing on the gift of the love of the arts to my children will be priceless to them.   Painting and ignoring them all day is not only impossible but might have an adverse affect on them, right?  So I will refrain…. most of the time.

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