New work at Springville !

11 Sep
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It’s been a dream of mine to have a show at the Springville Museum of Art. They have been such a foundation for the art community in Utah for ever. The building is beautiful and the standard of art there is always breath taking. So to have so much of my work hang on the walls there is really exciting.  Here are some of my foundation pieces of the show and the ideas that formed the art.


doctrine of salvation
– For me this piece starts at the top with the woman falling, it is in a sense a spiritual fall. As she goes through the stages of falling the light with in her  leaves her more and more until she hits rock bottom, her darkest point. The woman’s light or virtue is then returned to her even more fully as she goes to her knees to seeking Christ.  We all experience this cycle more times then we would like and yet it is the only way to true salvation and transformation in this life.
fallen angel
– I am depicting Eve here in one of my most favorite yoga poses, fallen angel.  When I do this pose (or attempt it) in class I often think of Eve and the many comparisons that can be drawn between the pose and Eve. What was required of Eve and how she has been viewed through out the history of humanity can be summed up completely in this one posture.  Although Eve did fall, her underlying attributes and what it takes to get into this pose is an incredible amount of physical strength and inner foundation to be able to float your feet up through the strength of your upper body and not actually fall but balance inverted. Mentally, there is a good deal of faith and trust involved in trusting yourself & your body to hold.  At  first glance of this pose and the first hearing of Eve’s story, it becomes easy to assume a fall or weakness physically & spiritually in both. It is my intent as the viewer looks closer to her body position and maybe has a deeper understanding of Eve, they see in reality the incredible amount of strength and transformation involved in both the posture and Eve as a strong woman of God.

One Response to New work at Springville !

  1. Jennifer

    These pieces are stunning on their own, but reading the spiritual concepts behind them packs an extra punch. Wow! I know I will ponder your words over and over again. In doctrine of salvation, is each lens shape a separate piece of paper? I admire your talent and love that you use it to give shape to the thoughts of your heart.

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