Blogging Again

22 Mar
by Emily, posted in Uncategorized   |  Comments Off on Blogging Again

Sorry I have been a lame blogger as of late. My brother in law
was in a serious snowmobiling accident a few weeks ago & I

have been helping out my sister,
they have five kids so it has been a bit crazy.
My brother in law (Bud) damaged his spinal cord
and has no feeling in his legs, but he is a fighter and with rehab
there is still hope. Please keep them in your prayers they
have really benefited from all the love and support of their
family and friends. Thank you to all that have & have offered
to help. You can connect to a blog we set up for him to give

updates, click on the Bud updates link. Thanks again &
I will not go as long with out blogging again….

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