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26 Aug
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faded stewardship

I had so much fun doing this painting. I pulled out some old school painting techniques, painting on a grid & using a very muted pallet. This is on a 12×12 cradled panel. I am itching to do another.

pieces of me

This image was one I took from an old paper cut. I painted it in oil & used some paper as  mosaic texture on the Mothers shirt. It was fun to play around with painting the paper into the piece & any symbolism that could be drawn from it’s use. I am anxious to do larger scenes using this type of technique.

I keep getting questions about tracing lately.  Do I trace? What are my thoughts on tracing. This is what I think, you will rarely find an artist that doesn’t use some form of tracing in their process. Whether it’s oil transfers or what not. The reality is it can be a huge time savor in producing work. However if you have not learned to draw the human figure formally I don’t think tracing will help you in the long run.  I continually draw from life & photos in a sketch book to keep up on my life drawing skills.  When working mostly on a conceptual piece I do trace if it will save me a considerable amount of time but almost always I have to adjust & move figures, add to or take away.  I always have a human figure in front of me in some form to reference. From life is always best but not always possible. But having the foundational drawing techniques will carry you through your creative process. If that makes any sense, total art nerd talk right there.


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  1. I love the chief. In fact, I love everything you do! And I love the art talk. Keep teaching us! 🙂

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