introducing the christmas card project…

12 Sep
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I am starting a project thats been in the works for a little while…….early, because I am due to have a baby in December so I have to get things moving!  Anyway I am excited to announce that I will be offering a custom Christmas card design/illustration service this Holiday season.  I had so much fun doing our’s last year (below) that I thought I would leave space this year to do a few of yours too. There is something about documenting each year with a card that helps mark the passage of time & how your family has grown.   I am more into the visual representation with perhaps a simple message (on the cover or inside) then anything else.  If this is your speed too then listen up.

How does it work you ask?

You decide on a watercolor illustration or cut paper work (2 figure limit on cut paper)  & we come up with a design. We decide on the idea together then I get to work.  In addition you will get to keep the original art work I create for your card & a digital file of the art to get printed into cards.  If you need a printer don’t stress I have an excellent one I can refer you to with great prices.  So all of this an 11×14 original piece of art you’ll have forever & your Christmas card uniquely designed for one flat rate of $195.00

I am also offering a more comprehensive package for anyone wanting a larger piece (16×20 or bigger) of art with a watercolor illustration / cut paper option(no figure limit on this one) & a more intensive design process for $385.00. Space is very limited for both packages so email me with ? or if your interested at – to get things rolling…..

post edit: depending on the volume of orders I may announce an order by deadline date. I will not put a designed by Emily King announcement on the card any where if you’re wondering.

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