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11 Apr
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Does anyone blog anymore ?  I don’t, I am all for what is easiest and most convenient.  It seems Instagram has taken over all my other media outlets.  I rarely check blogs anymore or facebook for that matter. I admire those that have much more dedication.  I need to write more about my work & my family, if not for anything else but a record for me.  Or I’ll just dump a bunch of photo’s here every 6 months & call it good.  We’ll see what happens.

This is what CHRISTMAS looked like at our house.  Yes, I said Christmas.

& there was this traditional family ice skating party. Always the most fun, ever.

Oh & we had 2 birthdays right after Christmas.  Oh the joy.

Esmae’s 7th.  Hit the tramp park & had cake. The end.

OH! & this little lady Ro turned ONE!

kiss the dolly…..

Love her & every ounce of chub. Please don’t let the chub fall off any time soon !

Up next Easter , we headed south to the place my soul belongs…. Snow Canyon.

We spent our mornings in Snow Canyon doing different hikes & the afternoons by the pool. Even sneaked in some tennis, Esmae is ready (YAY!) Abe ? on the path, still a little young.  Although he made some surprising racquet/ball contact.

Esmae & Abe also hit the slopes for the first time!  Es did sooo good we didn’t even need to help her, she just took off on her own.  Abe loved it too, they didn’t want to leave.  Spring skiing is made for kids. Now Snow Basin season passes are on my mind for next year….hmmm


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