16 May
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Lately I have been thinking about the power & influence of a mother. It is so hard to remember as a mom when the days bleed into one another, tiredness always seems to prevail, mundane tasks never are finished, and you seem to consistently be chasing that feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction in your work. Mothering is never ending. I have to remind myself of that daily & continue to love, be joyful & tell myself this is in fact the most important work there is.

My Grandma recently passed away & for Mother’s day my Mom wanted us to write what we admired or how we felt about Grandma. Here is my letter. I hope my kids will someday read it & that it will help them to understand fully the importance of a Mother.

TO Mom:

The things I admired about Grandma.  Although I don’t have many one on one memories with her that doesn’t mean she didn’t have an impact on my life or make a strong impression with me.  I loved to observe her & loved even more to be around her. There are multiple characteristics that endeared her to me as an individual.  I know her life wasn’t easy she fought many battles but she did it with faith, her testimony was never far from her heart…. that was always apparent.  She increased her knowledge of the gospel & always sought for truth to strengthen her faith & ease her fears.
We all have that inherent thirst for knowledge & truth. She was able to recognize truth & find comfort because the spirit of God waxed strong within her. Grandma’s passion was the mountains, the ranch…. she felt the most at home there. Her reverence for God’s creations stirred a longing in her for a remembered Heavenly Father. When we are close to God’s works I think we sense our life before with Him & His presence is felt stronger in our lives for that moment. No other peace can be as fulfilling then the felt love of Christ.  I think Grandma felt this same peace when she often visited the Temple.  Temples were created on this Earth for God to be able to visit earth without being overwhelmed with too much sorrow or virtue taken from Him.  God weeps for the bad decisions His children make & I know Grandma felt that same sorrow for those that couldn’t find their way.  She always had a special place for them in her heart & strived to help them in every way she could.  That service & concerned heart was a gift that endeared her to many. Humor, she knew this life was meant for us to have joy.  Humor & joy were never too far from her countenance. Grandma had a style all her own, bright lip stick, silver cuffs & pixie cuts.  She was eclectic, surrounded her self with things she loved & didn’t care what others thought. Although she recognized the power of environment- inside & out she never obsessed or held material wealth with much importance.
She found peace in Christ & I hope she has even more now, as more pieces of the puzzle fall into place for her in the spirit world.  Her form has changed but I know she is still close. Mom you were blessed with a great Mother as we, all of your children have been as well. We think of & honor both of you today, grateful for the blessing of a loving Mother. Which next to the atonement, could be the most precious blessing in this mortal life.

Much love,

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  1. Amy

    I love your comments about your grandmother. I see you mom playing tennis and think of you. Hope all is well! Amy

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