don’t forget to dance

01 Jul
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Oh man trying to play catch up & waiting for the summer to slow down….

Summer began with Clytie Adam’s recital & ended with a Virginia Tanner dance camp with cousins for Esmae.  The rest of us just tagged along.

These little kittens have lost their mittens…..

Love Clytie Adams, always so great.

Next Virginia Tanner dance camp.  Esmae did this with all her cousins on the Snow side that live in that salty lake.  I have to say every summer she does lessons at Virginia Tanner I fall in love with it all over again.  Their philosophy is so great they use & incorporate all the arts into their dance lessons.  This camp included music lessons, art (ofcourseiluvthat), & story telling.  Their is always a story involved with a moral.  I am thinking about driving Esmae out once a week to take there, am I crazy? Maybe, but come one that is like 3 lessons in one! At the end of the week they performed the story from the story book John & the Giants.


Hello, I think Mimi definitely got the performing gene…

Esmae was the King, she says why do I always have to be the boy? The joys of being the tallest my friend, better get used to it.

Love these girls, just missing Char who lives in the great north west. How lucky are they to have so many girly cousins close in age!

bar monkeys

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