02 Oct
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I am beginning to have a rolling inventory of work & I like it that way.  It makes me happy to see each piece find a good home were it will bring joy to the inhabitants there in. I am working on a website but until then I will randomly post available works some old, some new & some at a gallery…… u can email me at papersedge@gmail.com if something belongs on one of your walls at home 🙂

ps- everything is an original work, hand signed &  museum quality framed with uv protected glass, if you wonder about things like that.

riding high 14×17 – $230

riding high 14×17 – $230

orange soda 9×13 – 90.00

knowledge 12×15 – $165

paper ballon 12×15 – $145

take me 13×14 – $165

forever changed 17×17- $245

head gear 16×24 – $210

ilisten girl 15×17 – $ 205

ilisten boy 12×12 – $ 170

beach babe 12×12 – $ 150

profiled 12×15 – $145

merci 9×14- $85

over the moon 15×16 – $240

begininngs 17×19 – $335

sized including frames

the lower lights

29 Sep
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My Dad has always been a real lover of music, so for his Birthday I thought it would be cool to invite The Lower Lights to come surprise him with a private concert in my parents backyard.  We invited family & some close friends for the occasion.  The weather was perfect & the music incredible. 

The Lower Lights is a group of local musicians who got together & did sort of a hymnal revival recording of some really great hymns both old & new.  Their spirits & testimonies came through in their music and I know everyone was moved.  I think what they are doing is significant & needed, especially for the rising generation.  
I get so worried about raising kids in a world full of easily accessible evil. When I think about the approach I want to take with my kids to combat it I think about all the good & beauty in the world too.  Rather then frequently talking to them about what they can’t or shouldn’t do, it seems to me that a more powerful approach may be to expose them to as much good, truth, & beauty that I can fit in.  It doesn’t hurt to reinvent those old beautiful truths once in awhile either.   Here is The Lower Lights playing one of my favorite songs.

Secret Prayer from The Lower Lights on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Dad!

27 Sep
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Here’s to one of the funniest, generous & smartest guys I know!
Love you Dad-


17 Sep
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riding high

17 Sep
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17 Sep
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new works at the art market show, tomorrow from 10am to 9pm – 155 North 400 West
The Salt Lake Hardware Building

Next Show

13 Sep
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Fine Art at the:
Salt Lake Hardware Building
155 North 400 West – Salt Lake City
Thursday, September 16th, 2010 (6p – 10p)
Friday, September 17th, 2010 (10a – 9p)
This should prove to be a cool show including 9 other artists.  It is a great place to start or add to a collection, part of the proceeds will go to Haiti. Check it out if you are in the area, you can find more about it as well as the other artists at utah art market.

sunday strollers

13 Sep
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I have a show coming up this week, Thursday & Friday at the Salt Lake Hardware Building with a few other artists.  I will post more details with some new work soon- so check back if your interested.

labor day recap

09 Sep
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Jack attack – total poser right when I took my lens cap off this is what I saw, perfect….

Chris & baby Anthony

Jane munching on the s’mores

Abe on his eighth piece of chocolate
some of the crew enjoying the goodness

We are now up to 18? cousins, total mayhem & the kids wouldn’t have it any other way.
The Snows are multiplying- I know what your thinking & I am not.
One day I’ll get them all in the same frame.

sunday trip to snow basin

06 Sep
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