13 Dec
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chubby faces & ornaments

07 Dec
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they tire quickly…..

park city & the first snow

22 Nov
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I went up to Park City to shoot some images to work from & get a better feel for the show.
I was trying to capture Park City in a different way but still wanted it to be recognizable.
These were some of my favorite shots, we will see what happens translated in paper….
obligatory barn
 I will for sure implement more snow & probably head up again to capture more wintery scenes.
This is probably round one of several….
Mean while back on the King farm…..
(okay we don’t live on a farm, more like an over crowded suburb- 
but it was once a beautiful farm & is still lovely)
we enjoyed the first snow, the sun came out for a few minutes
as it was setting & the light was amazing.


19 Nov
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I had so much fun drawing these for a client. Creating something with one line has me so intrigued.  Obviously I love things simplified…. I will finish these off with some watercolor stains.
It doesn’t hurt that the kids are really adorable, either……..

retro sunday

15 Nov
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Coco (Josh’s Mom) gave us a gold mine of vintage clothes that Josh wore when he was little.  The kids loved wearing “Dad’s shirts” to church.  I love vintage clothes & I especially love it when there is a family sentiment tied to it.  I am having an artist friend paint a still life of a dress that was my G-ma’s that I wear now.  I am so excited to get it.  When I think of how we mark time with events- I like to reminisce about the food & the fashion. After all it was Coco Chanel who said
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”
So true Coco, so true….

missionary commission; 2 by 2

14 Nov
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knock, knock, knocking on heavens door……
I hope this will inspire young men to serve & make the Mom’s
of those young men smile when they look at it.
What church loving Mother wouldn’t love to see this on her son’s wall,
right next to a Taylor Swift poster perhaps?
That’s what I’m talking ’bout, I have Abe’s room all planned out
for those teenage years.  We just need another Taylor Swift to come along.
This lovely version in a giclee print will be available at the
one and only Beehive Bazaar this December for purchase,
or you can just tell me if you want one.

big doings

10 Nov
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preventative measures

My Dad always uses the term big doings in a sarcastic way.  So this announcement is big doings for me in my seemingly small world.  It’s official contract signed & delivered, I got my first solo show at the Kimball Art Center in Park City!!  The show will open February 5 & run 9 weeks.  Also I will be the featured artist at the March gallery stroll in Park City- triple !!!  The show is called 
and will include 25 works of winterscapes of Park City, winter sports (skiing, snow boarding etc…), large resort scapes & scenes of the town under all that white stuff.
You can check out more about the show & see how official I am at 

a little Sample

08 Nov
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I love it when people spread the word about my work so in turn-  this musician is out of the great state of UT & I can honestly say I am in love with her new album.   Her work is filled with truth and beauty. Plus I get a free download if I plug her & I love her so much- I want that new download. She is a Mommy,  an artist, and creating for good. Support her.

buy her album here.

sundie happenings

08 Nov
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Esmae has a horse.
Esmae & Abe like to ride the horse.
The end.

the artists’ house

02 Nov
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I have been meaning to post about this fab trade I did for awhile.  Are you jealous (it’s even better in person)??  Anyway I met this amazing quilter, who also does things like this.  We got to chatting then got to trading….  One day I would LOVE to own one of her insane quilts but until then I am super happy with this cool piece.

Go meet Angela over at the artists’ house & browse her etsy shop she won’t disappoint!

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