17 Sep
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Finally! After a long hard search I think I found the perfect rug for our great room, I am so in love with it I had to share. Josh and Es are loving it too…..it is sooo soft and I love the colors. The designer is Angela Adams, she makes the coolest rug designs and for the final plus it is eco-friendly always a bonus. Next? the fire place it never ends. I wonder how long this will take me

to figure out hopefully under a year!

Congrats Dad!!!

09 Sep
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I am way proud of my Dad, he has a unique story and The Deseret News wanted to do an article on him. It was in today’s paper and we were totally surprised when it was on the front page!!
It was very well written and conveyed a lot of what went on during his struggle with cancer. He has been a wonderful example to my family of how to overcome adversity & I am grateful that his story was able to be told to inspire many others with trials in their own life. Thanks Dad for your humor and amazing attitude, we are so glad you are still here to keep us all laughing!!!

here is a link to the article http://www.deseretnews.com/article/1,5143,695208334,00.html


11 Aug
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So July seriously flew by…..which is maybe because I was out of
town for most of it. I had an art workshop in Helper, UT for 5 days,
then off to Sun Valley for the annual bar convention a week later, and
to round out July my family’s beach trip to Newport!!!!
Sun Valley was fun and E LOOOVVVED the beach. When
we came home she kept crying and saying “beach, beach!” so
I told Josh we might just have to move there. The Snow family
trip was eventful as ever……here are some of the viruses that were
shared among the cousins, the common cold, pink eye, diarrhea, and
the croup just to name a few! You have to come to terms with the fact
that you are going to be sick either on the trip or directly after the trip.
All in all it was fun to be with the fam and watch E play with her
cousins. Here are some highlights from our trips……

E in Sun Valley

the always a must ferry to the island

Laguna Beach pics

trying to get a pic with all 14 grand kids!!! Chaos

we like to force these
precious moments………..

enjoying the sand

I call this one “reflections”

at the beach….

Holy Bat in the House!

16 Jul
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Are you kidding me? Josh left the door open
apparently a bit to long to do the sprinklers
the other night. So we were watching tv in
the dark and I see something out of the corner
of my eye swooping around and yes it was a BAT!
Josh and I ran into the den & shut the door where
I stayed….for 20 min. while Josh & his bro tried
to get the bat out. Finally Traj caught it in one
of those little kid insect nets….thanks Traj!!
Needless to say I have been on edge every
night since………
I thought about posting a pic of a Bat
but I am to creeped out & don’t want
to see one, I am sure you can imagine
the blasted thing.

Should Bella Become A Vampire?

29 Jun
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(the authors choice for Bella in the Movie, I think it works)

So I thought most of you have read Twilight and even New Moon by now,
and I thought I would start a little forum for discussing whether or
not Bella should decide to become a Vampire?
The obvious answer is YES, it is the only way her and Edward
can truly be together right? However there are a lot of
things she needs to think through…….like what if she can’t
control her hunger like Edward can, and what about those possible
people she could kill as a new vampire until she learns to control
her hunger? Can she really justify killing? And last of all I don’t
think it would be possible to have vampire babies, so she would
be giving that up as well…….but at the same time I don’t see
how they can live apart? Thoughts???

Been Tagged

25 Jun
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4 jobs i’ve had
1. Cowboy grub hostess
(which ended abruptly, something about not eating while your working??)
2. law firm runner
3. florist
4. Pepperdine University coordinator

4 movies i can always watch
1. seven brides for seven brothers
2. chocolat
3. sound of music
4. girls just want to have fun

4 places i’ve lived
1. Oklahoma
2. Utah
3. California
4. TBA

4tv shows i enjoy
1. Heroes
2. 30 Rock
3. The Office
4. So you think you can dance

4 favorite foods
1. sushi
2. Nielsen’s custard
3. the Rio
4. In-n-out

4Websites i visit
1. Blogs
2. itunes
3. design public
4. google

4places i’d rather be
1. the beach anywhere
2. Malibu
3. visiting my sis
4. Europe

4 blogger buds to tag
1. Sara
2. Mary
3. Court
4. Ashleigh

I admit I am obsessed……

09 Jun
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This book is soooo good, it is actually a trilogy with the last
one coming out August 8th (can’t wait). Anyway I just finished the
second book “New Moon” which I actually liked even better than the first.
I am totally in love with the main character, Edward & if you have read
the books I am sure you are too…..the second book came with an “exclusive set of tattoos” so as a joke, I put one on for book club last night, I have Edwards name across my arm & I am strangely reluctant to wash it off. Anyway the author Stephenie Meyer, graduated from BYU in English and I can’t believe that 1) this is her first book & 2) how insanely powerful her story telling ability is. Anyway check it out you will NOT be disappointed, nor will you get anything done until you finish both books……I read them both in about 9 days.

Good luck Hall Fam!

06 Jun
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Here is a last hoorah b-ball game with Josh, Rob & Craig!!!

We are so sad to see Rob, Kelli, Jacob and James
move to Florida. I am sure they will have a great
experience there & hopefully we will be able to
come visit sooner or later…… Good luck with
the move, we will miss you guys!

Killers @ Saltair

02 Jun
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Last night Josh and I ventured out to Saltair to see The Killers concert. I had actually never been out to Saltair before and I must say it is quite lovely at dusk. The concert was good although neither of us could hear anything the rest of the night. We saw them 2 years ago at Kingsbury and I liked that atmosphere better. This chick in front of me kept whipping her hair around to the music & because of the limited personal space there, I kept getting face fulls of it. Other then that it was pretty good to see them live, we each got a good crowd surf in just for old times…..ha ha j/k…

Jazz suck azz!!

29 May
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