"let them eat cake"

03 Apr
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E in her Jazz jersey (again) enjoying some oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough……..

To Be Green

01 Apr
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So in the past I have never really been that in to being “green”.  Mostly because I was surrounded by it in the art world, all my fellow class mates would walk in with their wild oats tote smelling of hemp soap (which by the way seemed to do nothing) talking about organic this, & vegan that. To which I would subsequently roll my eyes the other way.  In my ignorance I thought it was a trend, a fad & tuned most of it out.  I am sorry but when I have to leave the room when the hippie nude model decides to stretch it was all I could do to not hand him a bar of soap filled with harsh chemicals to rid him of what ever natural oils his body was harboring. Nothing that smelled like that could be good, right?  I guess now that I am a Mom & am more concerned about what products I put on my child & in her I am more concerned and aware.  I also worry about the future for them as well so I have increasingly felt more of a responsibility to “be green”.  So in my penance to right my ever apparent cynical & sarcastic self I thought I would randomly blog about green products I find and LIKE & how I reduce our “carbon footprint” on the world.  In turn maybe some of the info will be beneficial or some of you can share good tips with me.   It seems really expensive to do everything, but every little bit helps and the more I learn the more I find out easy things I can do.  I am far from being totally green but in the great wisdom of “What About Bob” I like to think “baby steps”.  PS- Many of you are finding me a lot more “passionate” ? I don’t know maybe it is the prego hormones, I am blaming it on that.

So my first tip?  Method cleaning products available at Target
 I heart the:
1. wood floor cleaner
2. dish soap
3. hand soap
4. bath bars
5. bio-degradable cleaning wipes
Their products are all natural & Eco-friendly. Best of all they are great
to use around small children crawling etc……

ps- some Eco-friendly cleaners don’t really get things clean (Mrs. Myers) 
Method really cleans & smells good too.

The Armory Show

31 Mar
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Every spring there is an international art show in NYC of new living artists. It once show cased greats like Picasso. Now to be blunt it sucks…….. art, especially in the US has been on a downward spiral since the abstract expressionist era. Don’t get me wrong there are many abstract paintings I LOVE and think the movement is a great event in art history. However that being said, the first and most ingenious abstractionists had years of training and technical ability before they explored abstraction. And that my friends makes all the difference. Now in New York and San Fran, druggies off the street can staple garbage to a canvas and be deemed “brilliant, and innovative”. Give me a break, it is time for the art world along with its ridiculous critics to wake up and get back to the fundamentals of art which began with the old masters. Only then do you have the experience and wisdom to stray from the technical and blur the lines into abstraction that can make great art. Until then I am done reading anymore garbage art critic magazines. Sorry for my venting, fortunately Utah has been one state that managed to hold on to the technical side a little and as a result we have some of the most talented (not to mention) affordable artists in the country. While the rest of the art world is filled with clueless artists who couldn’t even draw the simplest of objects. Eventually the pendulum will swing back………………

Easter ’08

24 Mar
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Josh & Es on our way to the annual neighborhood Easter egg hunt
that Josh’s sister (Circe) always plans- Thanks Circe!

On Easter we had brunch with the King fam,

Es can’t get enough of her cousins

Esmae with her cousin Xanthe, it was Easter luv.

Then we headed to my side of the fam for Easter dinner & egg hunt.
This was the start of the hunt……. notice everyone in their
cute Easter outfits & Es in her Easter Jazz jersey?? Josh gave it
to her  and that was all she would wear. Go Jazz…..!


20 Mar
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Why is it that every time I go into Starbucks and order a hot chocolate, (never mind that it is usually a cold winters day) I feel like a dummy for ordering a basic hot coco and not some fancy coffee drink. Today the employee making the drinks served 2 people that I was ahead of because she thought that my order was a joke her coworker was playing on her.  Is it just me or is it really that strange to order a hot coco……..? I am sick of this hot coco treatment.

great cause

06 Mar
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A great family friend of ours is running the Boston Marathon for the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary.  Some of you may remember my Dad’s struggle with throat cancer, so she is running in his honor.  She needs to raise 3,000 to run and you can check her story out directly here and also donate if you wish.  The money raised will go towards those who have been affected with struggles involving sight, hearing, voice and balance.

Here is my Dad & Mom with all the grandkids on the beach!

more of the same…….

05 Mar
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Thanks for all your kind words, I love the ego boost! These are quickly becoming a big hit so I am officially taking orders, email me at emilyking.artist@gmail.com for more info.  (click on picture for detail)

new territory

25 Feb
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So most of you know that I have an art degree, & like to consider myself a painter. Anyway long ago I started doing children’s names (after my Mom) for their nursery, and I still get requests here and there.  Well I got sick of the names and have always had a hard time finding modern unique art for children so I have been trying some new things out in my studio.  This is the result it is for Josh’s cousins new baby boy Lincoln,  I am sharing it because I think it turned out rather fab (to my surprise).  However I thought of the idea and it evolved, I thought oh yeah some sketching paper collage this will be easy, wrong!  It was quite time consuming although today I think the results are worth it.  Hopefully I don’t wake up tomorrow and hate it………You wonder why most artists go or are already crazy. (click on the picture to see detailed)

best toy purchase ever

20 Feb
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We got this kitchen for E’s B-day and Christmas and I was a little hesitant because of the
size & unsightly nature of the thing, but I must say she plays with it almost everyday.  So if you are thinking of making a kitchen purchase I would highly recommend it!

we are back……maybe?

12 Feb
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So I may start blogging again. I am 6 months pregnant and when I was sick at the beginning, for some strange reason blogging seemed to make me more nauseated, including looking at others blogs. I am out of the sick stage but still not really feeling the blog …..that is why I briefly made it private because I didn’t want people to get annoyed that I never updated. But after encouragment from Josh to make the blog public again, I don’t know we will see what happens.  Looks like I need to change the title though ……
3-Kings and counting?

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