hair cuts + ideas

24 Sep
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After a summer of NO haircuts I finally broke down & took the kids to get chopped.  This balloon fight then insued after Abe’s promptly popped as usual.  This image actually has me thinking about ideas to develop in the studio.  I love doing humorous work involving kids, I feel like it’s simple commentary on adult relationships as well.  We really haven’t changed all that much.

today’s wrap up

30 Aug
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My kids are finally playing outside in the shade, temps are coming down? I am enjoying a creamie after a long day budgeting, we are talking all day fine tooth comb type of budgeting. I deserve it, the creamie (not the budgeting ).

Finally someone today & several others have asked for a giclee print of this little sketch that is a study for a painting.  The sketch seems to really resonate with people.  What do you think- should I do it, would you buy one? I can see why people would want one, I like the idea of having a unique picture of Christ, something that hasn’t been seen a million times but has the same reverence & meaning.  I am thinking about running one limited edition so the image doesn’t get overly saturated…… hmmm

4th weekend

06 Jul
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snow day!

09 Mar
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around here

04 Jan
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we had a very special birthday with cousins…

 & I am burning the midnight oil….

christmas 2010

27 Dec
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best day ever

24 Dec
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Es came into my studio yesterday bursting with excitement, her tooth that she has been wiggling for weeks finally wiggled out! The tooth fairy was coming & she claimed it the best day ever!
Then Abe insisted that he lost his tooth as well…….hmmmm
I don’t see a tooth, do you?

gallivan center moench family party

23 Dec
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cutest tweens on the block
Grandma & Bobbles
kate, jane, esmae & naomi train
michelle & isaac
ice break
lys + bud
michelle & coyote kim (she takes after our g-ma)
yes unfortunately they make skates that small….
the race is on…
Thanks to Grandma & Grandpa for another awesome skating party. They rent the whole ring out just for their posterity. We fill the rink & fun is had by all! 

preventative measures II

20 Dec
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I did this piece for Josh for his Birthday.  It’s larger 20×24 I think. Perfect for a mediation office right??
I secretly want it- I think it is my most favorite that I have done so far.
I love how it can be interpreted in so many different ways.  It was inspired by Sarah Sample’s song one mistake, love that song…

update: sold out

17 Dec
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Just wanted everyone to know (especially if you check my blog) that 
I only have one left of these prints & then it will be gone, retired!
Per my limited edition policy…
So when it is gone it’s gone!  You can find the last one in my etsy shop.
(thanks to a feature on nienie, that girl has some serious internet power!)
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