sheep skin heaven

28 Jul
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I wouldn’t call Bram colicky he has just been a little more temperamental then I remember Es being.  However the one thing that has always worked to comfort him is our sheep skin.  He loves it on his back & stomach he nestles right in & with in seconds he stops crying and is out.  I read some where along time ago that sheep skins soothe fussy babes and I thought, yeah right why would that work? But no joke I don’t know why but it does, so for any new Mom’s out there here is a tip I couldn’t keep to myself…….. (& thank you to my Gram for giving it to him!)

some of my favorite…..

21 Jul
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15 Jul
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We had a photo shoot today with Miss Paige……….
She is a good friend and an amazing photographer.
Look at these photos of hers, could you die?  
She will come to your house and take pics of your
kids in their own element which I love. Paige has
an awesome style & is perfect with little ones.
We can’t wait to see our pictures!

The "Bu"

12 Jul
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We lived in Malibu for just a short time….. but we loved every minute of it.  Josh would surf in the mornings & I would leave work early to hit the beach.  Something about walking out of your house (student housing) every morning & seeing the huge blue ocean was so invigorating.  The So Cal life suited us, we wanted to stay permanently.  So when Josh saw this sign hanging in my parents neighbors garage that whole in his heart ached & he wanted the sign.  To our good fortune the neighbor was wanted by the feds & fled the country.  So J got his sign, now what the heck do we do with it? Any ideas?

new territory

03 Jul
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I wish every moment was as sweet as these, but you all know their not…..

Esmae luvs to hold Abram especially when someone else wants to hold him too

This was Es after we had been taking a bunch of pics of bram, she seemed a little betrayed

Visit from Sis

15 Jun
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My Sis came in to town to help me and see the babe!

It was so nice to have her here and she took these way
cute photographs with her awesome SLR camera (i want one!)
Here is one of my faves- THANKS SIS, I miss you already…….

& counting………

01 Jun
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      Carrying on the tradition of chubbiness 

      4 King males
            Adoring Grandparents

            I know I look great, but Es & Bram look so cute I had to let
              my pride go……..

DIY project : Es’s new room

02 May
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I know most of you could care less about a room in my house, sorry to bore (post mainly for my sisters).  So I like decorating, it’s creative but if you don’t have any budget it is a huge headache & not so fun.  That is what I had, so with that said I think it came together.

This is Josh’s bed he grew up with, Josh sanded it & I painted it. I like the simple clean lines & I am a huge modern fan so this worked out great!  The bedding is mixed matched from sales & down east.

I made the curtains from Amy Butlers new line, (check it out if you haven’t way cute patterns). Thanks for the help Aunt Mary Ann!
Finally we just scored this dresser from down east, which usually I avoid it just seems like overpriced stuff that is seriously damaged.  However this dresser is in MINT condition for $200 bucks, rare deal. Finally we painted the stripes ourselves.  I probably spent the most on art work, but you know me I can’t resist art……… which isn’t all up yet!

The Dunes

23 Apr
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We spent the weekend in St. George with my sister and her family.  Es and her cousins had so much fun together.  We managed to have a good time as well despite the fact that it was Utah Counties spring break, imagine a swimming pool PACKED with people from Utah County (Josh’s worst nightmare).  All in all though it was great & Es loved the sand dunes!

Check it out!

10 Apr
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Hey all! The way cool & all things modern parenting blog, www.tangledandtrue.com did a review on my children’s art today. Have a look…..

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