I must share

14 Sep
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I bought these blankets thinking they were good unisex summer blankets for Abram.  They have turned into one of my all time favorite baby products.  They are perfect to swaddle, great as spit up wipers & they get softer with each washing.  Not to mention the great patterns provide hours of entertainment for the babe to observe or chew on.  Everyday I like them more and more & can’t get over how fantastic they are.  Buy them here, and thank me later.

Jen Khoshbin

10 Sep
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R U kidding me right now?  I just saw these on Design Mom and had to check out the artists site.  I feel like I have been visually stunned (artistically speaking).  Are these not the freaking coolest things you have ever seen…. I must own one.  It so makes me want to go carve into a book right now. Check out all her stuff here .  

10 Sep
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right on track for losing that baby weight, damn brownies

the season is here

08 Sep
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It is time to turn my husband over to you yet again.  When he comes home late at night with a raspy voice I know it will have been from being with you.  He spends good money on you.  Even after spending all day or night with you he still comes home and watches you over and over again on TV.  Please take good care of him, tell him when his fly is down or point out the stain on his shirt. You gluttonous queen, you don’t have enough men in your life? Please don’t send him back to me upset or betrayed as you often do.  I have to pick up the pieces of your mess……
However don’t feel bad if you cut the season short, I know I won’t.
Ms. King

The "Bu" 2008

06 Sep
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Don’t ask me what I was thinking when Josh & I planned a beach trip to Malibu with a 3 month old nursing baby and thought we can drive? Yeah, never doing that again……. Maybe if Bram liked his car seat like 99 % of other babies out there, but he doesn’t.  Need less to say Abram and I flew home while the rest of the crew drove. Best $80 bucks I ever spent.  I have to keep telling myself that what matters is Esmae and her cous Naomi had a blast, we had way cool modern digs (although not to kid friendly) still an experience to remember.  

Here is the ultra cool house we stayed in and the top of the canyon the house was in. We were totally secluded yet only a mile from the PCH.  

Check out this kitch I was lovin the lime green. I was wishing I had my oil paints to paint the amazing landscape.
           Stair case was indeed something to look at although a little scary w/ 2 year olds……..
           Aren’t they cute?
            nothin better then toes in the sand
                 The whole gang on the nice cement patio

Finally I will indulge you all with our one and only star sighting, we saw Travis Barker? The drummer from Blink 182 at Malibu park.  He had his possy & kids with him, my sis Mary might be in the background of some paparazzi pics so watch for her in OK magazine… 

PLEASE HELP!!!! Silent Auction!

28 Aug
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This is Stephanie of the great blog nie nie dialogues .  Stephanie and her husband  recently survived a plane crash, but are both severely burned from head to toe.  They have four beautiful children and live in Arizona.  Recovery for them is going to be a long hard road with medical bills reaching in to the millions.  The blogging world is reaching out to help their family and holding silent auctions all day.  Some items from Papers’ Edge are up for auction along with many other great products check them all out here at Tangled & True.  Remember ALL proceeds will go to this adorable family in need. To bid post a comment on the item you wish.

Ugga Mugga

27 Aug
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Another great blog is reviewing  papers’ edge today.  Check it out


22 Aug
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This has been the summer of dinosaurs and tea party’s, interesting combo?

Abram has his first cold :(, Esmae caught it from nursery.  Es didn’t get her first cold until
she was 8 months so I am new to this and a little freaked out.  He got up every two hours last night, he didn’t even do that as a new born!  But at least he is still smiling!

Finally this is Josh’s den soon to be the new toy room! I am putting the computer in my art studio and turning this in to a toy room.  It is the perfect location right off the great room. Problem, the paint color is gray not to kidish and I am not in the mode to repaint so I am going to try to make the gray work, wish me luck and I will post the after pics!!

If you love Etsy…….

20 Aug
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Click here:  ETSY PICK LIST

check it out

05 Aug
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My new FAVE blog

you will laugh your a** off……….
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