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snow family tree poaching 2011

15 Dec
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28 Nov
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with both feet

I am offering 25% off my entire etsy shop today including originals & free shipping.  You’ll need 2 codes to take advantage!

cyber25 – is the 25 % off code

freeship – is the free shipping code

I just added some originals that are included in the deal as well happy shopping!


Esmae’s Art Birthday Party

21 Nov
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Okay so Esmae’s Birthday is really Dec. 27 – 2 days after Christmas & one day before I am due with my 3rd child.  Yeah, not going to happen unless we do it way in advance. Since last year I didn’t do anything at all & I am doing this awful Birthday/Christmas thing to another one of my children the guilt level is high.

When she said she wanted an art party though I got excited & thought I can pull this off easily.  I started an art program for the Kindergarteners at Esmae’s elementary so my head was already full of ideas & where to find inexpensive art supplies.

Everyone got a beret & an apron to color and adorn. Then they painted little wooden peg dolls.  My cute neighbor made the artist palette cake, which was not only super cute but really delish!

The kids had fun, I was beat & I think a party will be great every other year.

With this out of the way, I just have 6 more commissions – 2 holiday art shows – Thanksgiving – Josh’s Birthday – Christmas – a new baby & then the new year to get through.  Which may not even compare to taking care of 3 kids… Plus all those great last few weeks of pregnancy comments I get to look forward to & just in time for the Holidays.


limited edition giclee finally here!

16 Nov
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Post edit : going, going, GONE! Thanks to everyone that purchased! Hope you love it.

I have had a lot of requests for prints of these, so I decided to do a limited edition run of 25 & once they are gone they are gone! Half are spoken for already so if you’re interesed email me asap at:

They are 11 x 14 printed on somerset printmaking paper with archival quality inks.  $58.00 dollars each. I can send you a paypal invoice & then ship the print out next week.

against the wind

02 Nov
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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct
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From Peter Pan,

& Little Red…

COUSIN TIME at black island farm

18 Oct
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12 Oct
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Only two more days left to see my old professors (John Erickson) show at The Phillips Gallery in SLC.  This is my favorite of the show.  I have always known John was a creative genius with amazing technical ability but this show really blew me away.  I can stop looking…..

“Warming Up” 48×36


hair cuts + ideas

24 Sep
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After a summer of NO haircuts I finally broke down & took the kids to get chopped.  This balloon fight then insued after Abe’s promptly popped as usual.  This image actually has me thinking about ideas to develop in the studio.  I love doing humorous work involving kids, I feel like it’s simple commentary on adult relationships as well.  We really haven’t changed all that much.

Nursery Change Up

21 Sep
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Abe is moving out of the nursery.  The walls are turquoise blue so I am doing a 3 item change up to make it a little more girly.

1. new bumper   ( I have been back & forth on the bumper debate, Abe didn’t have one at first but then his limbs kept getting stuck in between the crib slats.  So I feel like it is more useful then a huge baby quilt that never gets used or crib skirt- so glad you can purchase pieces separate these days!)

2. new crib sheet

3. the wish list item is to have one curved wall in the nursery wall papered in this

Viola, I don’t have to repaint!!  I will ask Grandma Great for a sheep skin for this baby (that will conveniently cover up some bleached spots on the carpet.)  All my kids have one they got when they where born & they are by far my favorite baby gift.  Abe spent A LOT of time on his as a fussy newborn….

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