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The Chicken House

09 Jul
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Esmae has started naming my small paintings. This one she says she is “skeptical at it, it’s The Chicken House.” Skeptical is her new word, I have no idea where she picked it up but because I laughed the first time she said it she is now attempting to use it in every sentence.

I always hate it when I have to name a painting, so I think I will defer to her from now on. I have a feeling my next piece will actually be entitled, Skeptical.

sis time

08 Jul
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Lys scored us VIP ticks to the Indigo Girls concert last night @ Red Butte. Although 2 sisters were absent we still got in some great girl time (in the sisterly way).
We sang our hearts out to all our old faves. Lost memories of high school & college came rushing back. Swamp Ophelia, Galileo, Closer to Fine oh yeah you remember.

Indigo sounded as good as ever and the weather was perfect. Thanks for arranging
a great night Lys!

picking strawberries in the rain

19 Jun
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We were all totally over the rain & itching to get out. So we (my sisters & I) loaded up the kids, strapped on the rain boots & slickers. And headed out to Day Farms in Layton. We spent a good hour picking big ripe juicy berries. The kids had fun picking, eating, & getting stuck in the mud.

I highly recommend this activity for the summer, kids love it & you come home with lots of sweet rewards ! Better hurry June is the best picking season…..

plein air on Windsor

09 Jun
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I did this last weekend on the bottom of the street next to mine. It is sooo nice to live close to open space & be able to get away quickly to do some painting. I am going to have to take advantage of this street more often… Although I think I have already established myself as the crazy lady painting. Maybe there are benefits to painting where no one knows who you are.

esmae’s first lie (that I know of)

08 Jun
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Enter Esmae into the computer room

Es:  Abe might have been wet for a few hours now.
Me:  How did he get wet?
Es:  Um, I don know ……(pause). Maybe from the squirt bottle.
Me:  Who squirted him?
Es:  Um, I don know…….(pause).  Maybe one of my friends.
Me:  Hmmm……… which friend?
Es: Um maybe Xanth.
Me: Xanthe just came over and squirted him?
Es:  yes.


28 May
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Abe’s 1st cupcake
Abe’s 1st time in the pool

Abe’s 1st Birthday swim party!  Happy Birthday Abe we love you….

the other half

20 May
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So I was able to sneak away last minute to the Four Seasons in Jackson with my sissy.  Thanks to my Pops firm retreat & the luck of my parents getting the residential suite.  I thought I better jump on the chance to stay at a Four Seasons…. right?  Whoa, they pamper you in every way possible & I savored the taste of how the other half lives.  It’s true money can’t buy you happiness, but its a hell of a down payment……..
Thanks for the weekend Mom & Dad, and Josh for holding down the fort!


13 May
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Last night we went to the Keane concert at Kingsbury Hall.  Matt Kearny opened and lets just say it was insane.  Especially Keane,     so good.  

I felt a little sorry for Josh.  This was his view.  The guy with the biggest head in the world decided to sit right in front of him.  And lets just say he was really feelin’ the music. Picture Chris Farley on Tommy Boy singing “come on irene” exactly, but he was dead serious.  So Mr. Josh had to lean towards me the whole time to see around him.  But still it was worth it, Josh was lovin it despite.  One of the best live bands ever…….

Ode to the Bermuda

27 Apr
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I’m on the hunt for some updated Bermuda’s.
Oh Bermuda, please don’t ever go out of style.   I am counting 
10/11 years
since they first appeared on the runway.  Hopefully they will go strong for another decade. These comfy’s are from Jcrew. 

obligatory trip post

22 Apr
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The Big Apple….
Josh had a conference there last weekend & I tagged along. It was our first official trip away together with out kids (thanks coco!).  This city gets me every time.  It bleeds art, music, and culture.  Some highlights include burgers at the Shake Shack.

A Broadway show, I literally had chills the entire time watching Wicked.  Lucky for us my bro and his wife came to the conference so we got to hang with them too.

The Met and the MoMA were amazing.  I finally saw quite possibly my most favorite painting, in person. “Madame X” by John Singer Sargent. And let me tell it did not disappoint quite the contrary.  That black dress against that pale skin,  and the size of the piece insane. Is it really humanly possible to paint like that? At The MoMA, 2 of Giacometti’s were among my favorite. 
I came back with a renewed appreciation for the arts in all it’s forms.  A healthy rededication to painting. I’ve got a long ways to go to hit my 10,000 hour mastery level.  But for now I must remember I am a Mother first & that passing on the gift of the love of the arts to my children will be priceless to them.   Painting and ignoring them all day is not only impossible but might have an adverse affect on them, right?  So I will refrain…. most of the time.
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