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a record for Esmae

16 Apr
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We have been attending a lot of baptisms lately, many different cousins close in age. Esmae will be 8 next December & I kind of can’t believe it.  I have been thinking a lot about how to make her baptism a significant event in her life, something that she will always remember fondly & know that she can lean on that most precious gift she will receive then throughout her life.  The rising generation has so much more to face growing up then I did, I know they are strong souls & meant for this difficult period of time.  However, as a mother I feel a sense of urgency to help initiate a stronger testimony in them sooner. Expose them to more good & beauty then their hearts can contain. I can physically see the world growing darker & each day how difficult it can become for good people to make good choices in the face of adversity.  Adversity will come & for some far more early then seems fair.  I know the ONLY power that will heal & comfort my children is from Christ.

As I thought about what I could do for Esmae, for each of my children-I wanted to give them something tangible to relate the gift of the Spirit to, maybe to help their young minds grasp the concept more fully. I thought of a quilt, a handmade work of art that will last them through this lifetime, a thing of beauty created just for them, to provide warmth & comfort. I loved the visual of Esmae at different times in her life when she may be struggling, wrapping her self up in this quilt and thinking of the Holy Ghost for comfort, while offering a prayer up to her Father in Heaven. Of course I wish I could always provide the comfort & reassurance she may need. But I know I am not nearly enough. The sooner I can teach my kids to have faith & turn to Christ, the better off they will be. I am hoping to remember this simple truth each minute of each day I interact with them. I have to remember, no other matter is more important.

So the quilt is being made by a dear friend with amazing skills, unlike any I have seen before.  We are doing some trade & I am paying in installments as well. I value art & the existence of handmade beauty in our everyday. Hence I commissioned this quilt a year in advance to ensure it will be paid off & completed for Esmae , I am saving my pennies. Angela, the quilter & I came up with this design of overlaying circles.  I use it a lot in my work & is one I have always been drawn to. I love what Angela has done & how it is coming along so far.  I also love to watch the progression, and have gained such a respect for this art form.

Photo Dump

11 Apr
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Does anyone blog anymore ?  I don’t, I am all for what is easiest and most convenient.  It seems Instagram has taken over all my other media outlets.  I rarely check blogs anymore or facebook for that matter. I admire those that have much more dedication.  I need to write more about my work & my family, if not for anything else but a record for me.  Or I’ll just dump a bunch of photo’s here every 6 months & call it good.  We’ll see what happens.

This is what CHRISTMAS looked like at our house.  Yes, I said Christmas.

& there was this traditional family ice skating party. Always the most fun, ever.

Oh & we had 2 birthdays right after Christmas.  Oh the joy.

Esmae’s 7th.  Hit the tramp park & had cake. The end.

OH! & this little lady Ro turned ONE!

kiss the dolly…..

Love her & every ounce of chub. Please don’t let the chub fall off any time soon !

Up next Easter , we headed south to the place my soul belongs…. Snow Canyon.

We spent our mornings in Snow Canyon doing different hikes & the afternoons by the pool. Even sneaked in some tennis, Esmae is ready (YAY!) Abe ? on the path, still a little young.  Although he made some surprising racquet/ball contact.

Esmae & Abe also hit the slopes for the first time!  Es did sooo good we didn’t even need to help her, she just took off on her own.  Abe loved it too, they didn’t want to leave.  Spring skiing is made for kids. Now Snow Basin season passes are on my mind for next year….hmmm



10 Jan
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I did this for our primary’s yearly bulletin & have had some requests from people wanting to use it for their primary.  I am happy to let any primary use it, just email me and I will send you the image.

hope in the dark- sold out

29 Nov
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*no more will be printed


Halloween 2012

01 Nov
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ROLAYNE 9 months

25 Oct
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Dopp Fam

27 Aug
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I don’t know exactly why but I love this picture.  A moment in a strong family with 7 kids, all their personalities coming out at once. This is Josh’s sister Circe & she has 7 kiddos, it’s so much fun to watch.

my head is an animal- limited edition giclee

16 Aug
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Printed on somerset print making paper with archival inks. Size 8 x 12 plus a 1 inch white border.  10 or less available. Hand signed & numbered- ship anywhere, $48 dollars each.

** Putting  in my etsy shop in a few days, so contact me now if you want one

don’t forget to dance

01 Jul
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Oh man trying to play catch up & waiting for the summer to slow down….

Summer began with Clytie Adam’s recital & ended with a Virginia Tanner dance camp with cousins for Esmae.  The rest of us just tagged along.

These little kittens have lost their mittens…..

Love Clytie Adams, always so great.

Next Virginia Tanner dance camp.  Esmae did this with all her cousins on the Snow side that live in that salty lake.  I have to say every summer she does lessons at Virginia Tanner I fall in love with it all over again.  Their philosophy is so great they use & incorporate all the arts into their dance lessons.  This camp included music lessons, art (ofcourseiluvthat), & story telling.  Their is always a story involved with a moral.  I am thinking about driving Esmae out once a week to take there, am I crazy? Maybe, but come one that is like 3 lessons in one! At the end of the week they performed the story from the story book John & the Giants.


Hello, I think Mimi definitely got the performing gene…

Esmae was the King, she says why do I always have to be the boy? The joys of being the tallest my friend, better get used to it.

Love these girls, just missing Char who lives in the great north west. How lucky are they to have so many girly cousins close in age!

bar monkeys


06 Jun
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