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Ghost Gully

01 Nov
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Our house turned into Ghost Gully this Halloween for the famous Dopp party. There were about 100 kids walking through the neighborhood dressed up with white balloons, sacks of candy & prizes. Josh rigged a super cool ghost on a pulley, each year he fine tunes the process.

Chuck enjoying a sucker before the party.

The balloons provided lots of entertainment before the festivities began. Of course my camera died before I could snap shots of all the little hooligans coming down the driveway for their surprises, but you get the idea…..
Thanks Circe, Golda & Ruby for all your help and for another great party!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct
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My friend Tia had a 30th Birthday bash at Classic Skating. It was classic. Don’t we make a scary couple? Tia was the sweetest Ugly Betty and her hubby Peter was Dog the bounty hunter, seriously good costuming.

Have a Happy Halloween muhahaha……

Preschool Halloween Concert 2009

30 Oct
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Esmae had her preschool concert, it was hilarious all the kids were screaming the songs. They did however know all the words plus choreography…

Doug Snow

21 Oct
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I was so sad to hear that one of Utah’s best painters died in a car accident. He was 80 but I thought would still be around for a while. At the U my professors always asked me if I was related to him. I was always so tempted to say yes, that maybe some of his brilliance was in my DNA too. But I would always reply with honesty, not that I know of but maybe distantly. I HOPE. His work is incredible and he did so much for art in Utah. I love what he was quoted saying about the Utah landscape.

“To be in this country; to live in it much of your life; to understand its geology, its history, to see it in all its seasons, and still, ultimately, to know nothing that can summarize it. All you can do is have faith in the strength of the experience, paint, ‘not knowing,’ but with conviction in the significance of those feelings.”

October 2009

20 Oct
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Finally made it to the pumpkin patch, maze was completed with only minor difficulty, and selections were made. Ok Abe picked out a rotten one so I had to redirect but # 2 choice passed. Now to carve or paint the pumpkins hmmmm……?

to facebook, or not to facebook?

16 Oct
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I have been tempted to join facebook lately, but I am worried it might be another huge time waster. I seem to gravitate toward all things involving time wasting. Thoughts, advice, warnings, disclosures?

Esmae the Dopp

12 Oct
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Esmae should have been born a middle child. When she was barely 2, if she ever saw a van she would B line it straight for that open sliding door. She new there would be a party inside with lots of kids. Lucky for her we live (almost) next door to our cousins, the Dopps & there are 8 of them including parents. It has been her favorite place ever since I can remember. I warned Circe that she better be careful one day Esmae might show up at her door with a suitcase announcing that she was moving in. When we are at church and the Dopps are gathering their herd Esmae always does her best to try and blend in with the kids, tip toeing her way to their van. Like her parents with only 2 kids wouldn’t know she was missing….. But Esmae is lucky the Dopps have obliged her so far & always invite her along. I guess it’s ok to be the annoying kid that will never go home if it is your cousins you are annoying. We are so lucky to have them close & that they are so much fun.

a choo for Charlie

06 Oct
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I finally got a train order and am excited about the results, what little boy doesn’t love a choo choo?

We went to the Zoo over the weekend, there were 5 kids among us and I was the only adult who could ride the carousel with out getting sick. Abe wouldn’t let go of the Zebra. When the ride was over, I had to pry his hands off the pole.

Chunky Gazpacho

29 Sep
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I got this recipe from my Mom. It was perfect to use up my tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers before the looming freeze! And it’s oh so good…

1/3 cup red wine vinegar
1/3 cup olive oil
1 clove garlic
4 tomatoes (i mixed regular & heirloom)
3 celery stalks
2 cucumbers
1 green pepper
salt & pepper to taste!

Sister Time

23 Sep
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I spent the weekend with my sister, brother in law & adorable niece and nephews. It was so fun to get to know their little personality’s better and oh how I wish they lived closer, like up the street? We went to Canon beach on Friday and it was amazing, the beach town was lovely and Haystack rock was so cool to see up close. I wanted to move there, for sure if the water was a little warmer. Brrrrr…. In the last book I read one of the characters said that people were only nice if they lived by water. I always think about that, there is something so peaceful and nourishing to the soul when your near big bodies of water. Maybe we should get a pool to improve my niceness, does that count?

(thanks for a great trip sis, can’t wait until the next!)
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